Choosing Patterns for SilverSpun

As you've probably have guessed, SilverSpun yarn is what it's all about here at Feel Good Yarn Company.  We love SilverSpun! It's soft, stretchy, conductive, has soothing qualities, inhibits the growth of bacteria, plus it's an all around pleasure to knit with. We hear from our customers all the time telling us how much they love working SilverSpun.

With the popularity of the Connectivity Gloves pattern designed by Mari Chiba, people are aware of the conductive quality of SilverSpun -- but we want you to think bigger!


Here are some tips for choosing a pattern that will show off your SilverSpun:

1. Will it be worn close to the skin? Make the most of the softness and the fact that it inhibits the growth of bacteria by wearing it next to the skin. Think socks and hats.

2. Will it be stretched when worn? Since SilverSpun is very stretchy it's great for items that fit better when stretched. It's not the best for a lacy triangle shawl, but would be great for a fitted pullover or a mobius shrug worn over the shoulders.

3. Be flexible on gauge. SilverSpun undyed is a sport weight yarn, and dyed it's a DK (the heat of the dyeing process shrinks the yarn and makes it heavier). The undyed sport weight version can be knit at 8 stitches per inch like in the Connectivity Gloves, or at 5 sts per inch like in the Fayetteville Cowl. So don't forget to broaden your search to include a variety of gauges!

We've gathered more pattern ideas, including one skein knit and crochet pattern boards over on our Pinterest board!