• Dyeing SilverSpun with Backyard Fiberworks
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    Josh Hutchison

Dyeing SilverSpun with Backyard Fiberworks

We recently shipped out our first batch of yarn for the Feel Good Yarn Company Summer Sock Club, which features 3 skeins of our new SilverSpun Sock hand dyed by Backyard Fiberworks in colors exclusive to the club. Today we're excited to share a peek into the process of creating this beautiful yarn!
Getting the yarn ready to dye, first it has to have a bath. 
Dyes are mixed up and ready for the yarn. 
Adding dye to the yarn! 
After the dye has had some time to absorb into the yarn it gets a rinse. 
Next up, the yarn goes for a spin to get the extra water out so it can dry more quickly. 
Then we have beautiful hand dyed SilverSpun--now it just has be be dried.
Finally, hand dyed SilverSpun drying on giant knitting needles. 
  • Post author
    Josh Hutchison