Mountain Colors

Angie LeNoir (L), Laurie Gonyea (C), Stephanie Stotts (R)

I'm a big believer in fate, so when I met Angie LeNoir & Stephanie Stotts from Kismet Fiber Works at the Carolina Fiber Fest back in April, I knew it was meant to be.  Angie and Stephanie create beautiful, unique hand-dyed yarns. Their color-work is outstanding - I'm especially fond of their Juniper colorway.

As will happen at these shows, we got to chatting during the slow times. (I will admit though, neither of our booths were ever really slooow. We both seemed to have a steady stream of customers throughout.) At any rate, when we were able to chat I mentioned that I really wanted to offer SilverSpun in colors, but was having a difficult time in finding someone who was capable of dyeing it.  I explained that everything I had tried so far had changed the hand of the yarn, completely taking away the softness that the yarn has come to be known for. The Kismet gals were intrigued (see paragraph one re. "fate") and wondered if I would be interested in coming to their studio in the mountains of southern Virginia to "play with color" for a couple of days. They didn't have to ask twice.

Last week I spent 2 glorious days in the Blue Ridge mountains dyeing yarn.  We had a wonderful time playing with natural dyes - especially indigo.

Photo Jun 11, 12 30 25 PM

I'll tell you more about it in my next post.  Oh, in case you were wondering, SilverSpun will be offered in colors sometime in August!  I can't wait!