• November’s Designer of the Month – Romi Hill
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November’s Designer of the Month – Romi Hill

November’s Designer of the Month – Romi Hill

2016 is the “Year of the Designer” for Feel Good Yarn Company.  The first Thursday of every month we will feature an interview with one of our favorite knitwear designers and the following week we will release a pattern designed exclusively for our SilverSpun® yarn by that designer.

On November 10, 2016 we will be releasing the pattern that Romi designed using SilverSpun® Sock to our subscribers.  Be sure to sign up here so you don’t miss it.

Romi Hill is our November Designer of the Month.  Romi is one prolific knitwear designer and an absolute delight to work with!  Take a look at her Raverly page and you will see 218 absolutely gorgeous designs, many of them featuring lacework, which is obviously one of her true passions.  I am honored that Romi was able to carve out the time to fill us in on her "knitting life" and design this month's pattern.  You can find Romi on Ravelry, Instagram and her website.

And with that, I give you Romi ….

Can you give us a little background intel on yourself? Where were you born? Do you still live there? How long have you been knitting? Who taught you to knit?

I was born in San Francisco and grew up in the SF Bay Area. I went to school in the eastern US, then headed back to SF and lived there, then in California wine country before moving to Northern Nevada where I am now (in the high desert).

I’ve been knitting since I was 9 years old and convinced my mother to teach me the basics. It was difficult, since she was a serious crocheter! Before I knit, I crocheted, sewed, and beaded, among other things.

Where do you do your designing? Do you have a special room in your house, a studio, a favorite chair?

I have a fairly large and bright studio with a great view. I’m super lucky! But I pretty much design in my head all the time, and sketch on little pieces paper and in notebooks. I’m constantly finding drawings all over the house that I’ve forgotten!

Where do your design inspirations come from? Nature, architecture, fine art, what?

I’d say pretty much everything! Right now I live in the country, and the sky, trees, sagebrush and gorgeous views inspire me. When I lived in the city, I was more inspired by architecture. I soak up everything I can see and it floats around in my brain until it gels into a design. I love that I can see whatever I want online, so I often get lost in looking at all the amazing images of anything I could ever wish to see!

Who are your favorite designers (and it doesn’t have to be knitwear designers)?

I don’t really have any particular favorite designers. I admire and love so many pieces of design (graphic, knitwear, fashion, architecture), that it’s difficult to narrow anything down. So in lieu of giving you a favorite designer, I’ll just say that I absolutely love the design aesthetic of Italy. I could spend ages there just enjoying the architecture and fashion, and people watching. And I dream of visiting Barcelona to see the incredible architecture in person.

What is it about designing that gets you to jump out of bed every morning and grab the needles?

I am always designing something in my head, so I guess that would be it. I can’t really stop myself from putting patterns and shapes and lines and colors together. I think it would more difficult to KEEP myself from grabbing the needles. And if I couldn’t knit, I’d have to find some other way to design!

What do you have on your needles right now?

A secret project. :) Also, a chunky vest and a sweater I’m about to take apart and put back together again. So many things to knit; so little time!

While designing your piece for FGYCo, what qualities of SilverSpun® did you find most appealing?

I love that it has memory to it; it doesn’t feel like stringy cotton because of the little bit of stretch. But there isn’t too much stretch. It’s just perfect! It’s soft and warm and feels cozy, and I love the undyed color I used. I’m totally convinced that I need more of it now!

Do you have any other passions besides knitting?

Music. I’m originally a musician by training, and I had given it up for quite some time. I never realized how much I missed actually making music (instead of just listening) until my younger son took up trumpet. First I started to teach myself classical guitar, then we got a piano for my son and I started playing after not touching one since I was in music school. Then I picked up my French horn again to play duets with him. It’s so much better the second time around. Playing duets with my son is amazing!


On November 10, 2016 we will be releasing the pattern that Romi designed using SilverSpun® Sock to our subscribers.  Be sure to sign up here so you don’t miss it.

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