The Source of SilverSpun

We're so proud of SilverSpun - a beautiful cotton yarn spun with pure silver.  We're also thrilled that it's an All-American yarn!  We source our silver from an American company that produces the silver here in the US, our cotton is grown in North Carolina, and our yarn is spun at NC State. We believe that quality products come from quality materials and thoughtful production.

Today we'd like to share more about our mill and discuss how our yarn is made into the SilverSpun you have come to know and love - "a cotton yarn spun with silver and the feel of cashmere."

At 87% cotton, our yarn starts with bales of North Carolina grown cotton.

The cotton is processed and combed with the waste removed leaving the softest cotton for the yarn.

The cotton then becomes sliver, which is similar to combed top.

Buckets of cotton sliver just waiting to become SilverSpun! 

Tim Pleasants runs the Spun Yarn Lab at NC State where SilverSpun is spun!  He's been instrumental in helping us to figure out how to make this yarn.  Here he shows us just how fluffy the cotton is.

Our yarn in ring spun.  If you buy high quality cotton shirts at department stores - the ones that are quite high in price - the cotton is ring spun. This is what helps us to ensure the softness of our yarn!

All in all it is a 12-step process to make our yarn (for most cotton yarns it is between 3-5 steps) with the end product being this - cones of SilverSpun yarn! 

The cones are then shipped to our state-of-the-art facility in Washington DC.  Which we then spin into 50g/173 yd skeins, label and ship to our customers all over the world!

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