Pamper Yourself Kit: Interview with Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter

This month we're encouraging you to indulge in some selfish knitting. Throughout the year many knitters spend countless hours finding the perfect yarn and pattern to knit thoughtful gifts for their loved ones (and strangers, too!), so we've deemed January as "treat yourself" month. Whether you've just finished a slew of holiday knitting or not, why not indulge with our Pamper Yourself Kit!

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The Source of SilverSpun

We're so proud of SilverSpun - a beautiful cotton yarn spun with pure silver.  We're also thrilled that it's an All-American yarn!  We source our silver from an American company that produces the silver here in the US, our cotton is grown in North Carolina, and our yarn is spun at NC State. We believe that quality products come from quality materials and thoughtful production.

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An Interview with Talitha Kuomi

Even though it's past Labor Day and historically that means summer is over, I'm still not ready to put away my flip flops. The recent cool mornings here in DC though have had me reaching for a pair of Kinston yoga socks (I can still wear my ff but my ankles stay warm.) Kinston is one of three patterns that were designed by Talitha Kuomi for our recent Look Book - Simply Silver. I’ve asked all of the designers for our collection to answer a few questions about themselves and their designing so we could get to know them a little better and delve deeper into the thought process of a knitwear designer. Today we hear from Talitha.

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An Interview with Christine Marie Chen

I just returned from Stitches Midwest, in Schaumburg, IL, just outside of Chicago. It was my first time having a booth there and from the amount of sales I had, it won't be my last. Pattern support is huge when it comes to selling yarn and I had plenty of it at the show. The week before the show we introduced our first pattern collection - Simply Silver - and I was able to take all of the knit pattern samples with me.

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Out of the Blue

I read these words, tacked up on the wall, as I entered the studios of Kismet Fiber Works.  I had ventured down to the mountains of southern Virginia to spend a couple of days with my friends, Angie LeNoir and Stephanie Stotts, the owners of Kismet, to play with fiber (specifically SilverSpun) and color.  Having never dyed yarn before I was beyond excited, especially since we were going to be working on the future colors of SilverSpun.

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Why Silver?

Whenever I tell people that I produce a luxury yarn for the hand-knitting market and it's spun with pure silver, their initial reaction is usually, "Silver? Why?"

Here's why:

The health benefits of silver have been known for centuries.  Do you know someone who suffers from arthritis, sensitive skin or diabetes? Silver has been known to help alleviate joint pain, cut down on sensitive skin reactions and the anti-microbial properties of silver helps to prevent infection.  The phrase, "born with a silver spoon in his mouth", originally was not a reference to wealth, but health.  In the early 18th century, babies who were fed with silver spoons were healthier than those fed with spoons made from other metals.

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