Our Story

In December of 2012 I traveled to North Carolina State University to meet with the Spin Lab manager at the College of Textiles.  I had this ambitious idea to produce a hand-knitting yarn using US grown cotton and pure silver.  I knew it could be done because incorporating fine metals into fabric goes back hundreds of years, but I wanted to find a modern way to do it to create a product for today's knitter. The school agreed to help me develop the yarn and after a number of yarn-spinning trials, we created a product that met all my requirements - a yarn that is as warm as wool, soft as butter, kills odor causing germs and conducts energy. I named it Silver Spun®.

Silver Spun® is a healthy, conductive yarn produced entirely in the United States by Feel Good Yarn Company®.

Try some today and let me know what you think!

Laurie Gonyea

Feel Good Yarn Company®
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